Roger Cohen, ICG


Most of the focus in Roger's 30 years of cinematography and editing has revolved around social justice issues. While negotiating the gilded realm of Hollywood as a profession, parlaying those skills to facilitate change elsewhere has been rewarding.


His sense of storytelling is rooted in hard work and unity - characteristics sometimes seen as uncommon in the entertainment capital. In the juvenile justice system of Ohio, for example, his work contributed to some fundamental advancement including expanding judicial discretion and eliminating solitary confinement.

Roger's current project with ultra-distance runner Charlie Engle promises to be some of his best work to date.

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Samantha Miller

Sam creates video content for numerous local business and non-profits. She's an online content producer for Jam with Us, LLC, creating promotional videos to reach a larger audience. She also works for Tierra Antigua Realty, creating promotional content for the TRB real estate team. She produces graphics for the YouTube kids show "El Burrito Cowboy." She edited the Tucson-based home improvement show "My Dream Home" and is currently producing a feature documentary for the PAXIS Institute. Her most recent project is editing a documentary for the Phoenix car club The Hell City Saints.


Her work has appeared on ABC, Access Tucson, and at the Reid Park Zoo website. 

Steven (Gonzo) Gonzalez

Steven Gonzalez (cinematographer/editor) is a former USAF Security Forces K9 Handler turned filmmaker. His work has aired on TV channels such as ABC and the CW6. 


He excels at branding artists and businesses with focused and identifiable content. Currently, he creates content used for paid advertisements via Facebook for Tierra Antiqua Realty and Nova Home Loans.



Jorgiana Jake, p.g.a.


She requires students in each class she teaches to create their own media and distribute it through today’s most prevalent mass medium, the World Wide Web. Her students quickly realize they themselves are mass media producers and are able to forward independent ideas while circumventing the authority of traditional media gatekeepers. 


She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts from the University of Arizona in 1999. After working in the studios of local television stations, she returned to school and completed her Masters degree in 2002.  Her emphasis was two-fold: theory (representation of minorities in film and television) and production.

Jorgiana is a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, as well as the Producers Guild of America and the International Documentary Association. 

Her filmmaking client list includes the State of Ohio Department of Youth Services, the State of Kentucky Children's Law Center, PAXIS Institute, My Dream Home, Tucson Fashion Week, Arizona International Film Festival, Tucson Humane Society, and Roadhouse Cinemas. 

Her students have gone on to create their own video production houses; work as producers and cinematographers in Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo and Berlin; and win national and regional awards for their independent film and video projects. 

Jorgiana Jake is an Emmy nominated television producer who works mainly on documentaries. She teaches digital filmmaking, both production and theory. 


She has taught at the University of Arizona, Arizona State and the Art Institute of Tucson.

As an artist (and because of her work in the entertainment industry), Jorgiana is critical of the control mass media has in our society and, as a result, stresses the importance of media literacy to her students.